The NiftyApe Manifesto

🍌 In Praise of the Noble Banana 🍌

The future is bananas.

For thousands of years, wealthy incumbents have dictated our financial systems. But a shift towards the memes of production have created a make-or-break moment in human history. As rules of ownership shift and lines of code become communal goods, we can copy-and-paste 5,000 years of outdated and inequitable terms. Or we can evolve our systems to upgrade our future.

Where others see red, we see yellow.

Consider the lessons of the noble banana. What most people consider bananas are actually a modern innovation: a genetic code forked by folks who saw the time was ripe for change. Bananas teach us that thoughtful evolution can lead to a delicious revolution.
Bananas invert your thinking. Green means stop; yellow means go; red means you may want to get your banana checked out. Fun fact: when most people eat bananas, they do so backwards. It’s actually easier to open bananas from the back end, not the stem. We learned it from watching some apes. Absurdity is an excellent teacher.

It's time to take this sh!t seriously.

We're building towards a permissionless and interoperable future, where individuals can flourish on equitable terms with former incumbents. We may poke fun at ourselves and our industry, but we don't monkey around when it comes to our mission. If we throw something at the wall, it's going to do more than stick—it's going to make an extremely potent point, and it's going to look dope doing it too.