🤝Create Offers Page

Lenders can create collection-wide offers on the Create Offers screen.

Selecting the Collection

Select a popular collection from the collection dropdown.

Don't see the collection you want to offer liquidity to? Copy & paste the unique collection's Ethereum contract address into the Search Bar instead.

The Offer Details

Create a collection offer by first setting your terms. We display all offers in the NiftyApes offerbook so you can see how your offer compares to every other offer in the ecosystem.

As you edit your offer, NiftyApes displays your draft-offer as it appears in the offerbook to perspective borrowers.

Offers are automatically set with a 30 day expiration date. This means they will expire and are invalid after after the 30 day period. Lenders can chose shorter or longer periods for the offers to auto-expire, depending on each lender's risk tolerance.

Offer Depth is the amount of liquidity behind each offer. Once an offer has used all of the Lender's backing liquidity it is hidden from the offerbook.

E.g. An offer for Any Bored Ape for 50Ξ that has a liquidity depth of 100Ξ can only lend to two Bored Ape owners at a time. Any additional borrowers will have to use another offer with backing liquidity.

The Easy Button

Lenders who want to easily create the best offer in the offerbook can hit the Easy Button in the Offer widget. This automatically creates the top offer in the offerbook (displayed below).

Creating the Offer

Once the lender is satisfied with the offer terms, the lender can click the Create Offer button. This initiates an on-chain transaction and storing the offer in the NiftyApes offerbook.

Cancelling The Offer

Offers can be cancelled on the Lender Dashboard.

Once a lender has clicked "Cancel," the lender must approve a transaction setting the offer to cancelled. Once an offer is cancelled, it cannot be used by a borrower.

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