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Interface of the Offers.sol contract. Does not include restricted or optional functions. To view the full interface visit: link to interface on github.


struct Offer { 
    // offer creator 
    address creator; 
    // offer loan duration 
    uint32 duration; 
    // the expiration timestamp of the offer in a unix timestamp in seconds 
    uint32 expiration; 
    // is loan offer fixed terms or open for auction 
    bool fixedTerms; 
    // is offer for single NFT or for every NFT in a collection 
    bool floorTerm; 
    // whether or not this offer was made by a lender or a borrower 
    bool lenderOffer; 
    // offer NFT contract address 
    address nftContractAddress; 
    // offer NFT ID 
    uint256 nftId; // ignored if floorTerm is true 
    // offer asset type 
    address asset; 
    // offer loan amount 
    uint128 amount; 
    // offer interest rate per second. (Amount * InterestRate) / MAX-BPS / Duration 
    uint96 interestRatePerSecond; 



getOfferSigner(offer, signature) getOfferSignatureStatus(signature) withdrawOfferSignature(offer, signature) getOffer(nftContractAddress, nftId, offerHash, floorTerm) createOffer(offer) removeOffer(nftContractAddress, nftId, offerHash, floorTerm)


NewOffer(creator, nftContractAddress, nftId, offer, offerHash) OfferRemoved(creator, nftContractAddress, nftId, offer, offerHash) OfferSignatureUsed(nftContractAddress, nftId, offer, signature)


getOfferHash(offer) -> bytes32

Returns the hash of an offer.

getOfferSigner(offer, signature) -> address

Returns the address of the signer of a signature.

getOfferSignatureStatus(signature) -> bool

Returns true if a given signature has been revoked otherwise false.

withdrawOfferSignature(offer, signature)

Withdraws a signature based offer and ensures it cannot be executed on-chain.

getOffer(nftContractAddress, nftId, offerHash, floorTerm) -> Offer

Returns an offer from the on-chain offer book.

createOffer(offer) -> bytes32

Returns the offerHash of the offer created.

Emits a NewOffer() event.

removeOffer(nftContractAddress, nftId, offerHash, floorTerm) Removes an offer from the on-chain offer book, ensuring it cannot be executed.

Emits an OfferRemoved() event.

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